About us

Spencer Hodgson

With over 19 years of tattooing experience his art is versatile and pays homage to and emphasizes the classsic tattoo styles of American Traditional and Japanese Tattooing.  Spencer loves tattooing large scale body work as well as painting.  His art has been featured in magazines, as band logos and album covers, as well as on clothing lines and worn in peoples skin as tattoos all over the world.  He enjoys reading and studying the history of tattooing.  He believes that if it wasn't for the past bearers and innovators of tattooing we wouldn't have the privelege of performing this amazing craft for a living.


Cassandra Rasmussen

I was born in Minnesota and raised in Wisconsin and I've been a St. Croix Falls resident for 15 years and counting. A passionate love for art and nature is reflected in much of the work that I do and I’ve been lucky enough to grow and live in an area with plentiful natural beauty.  I completed my apprenticeship during 2016 in my own home state of Wisconsin and have been tattooing ever since. I generally lean towards black and grey work but enjoy many different styles of tattooing. I also draw and paint for commission and my own amusement.  When I’m not tattooing I’m mostly likely outdoors, with my family or creating something new.